Shake ‘n Bake

*Currently open for delegations*

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AAA+ rating and 100%+ Efficiency at MyTezosBaker

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We’re coming at you like a spider monkey!

  • Anonymous Tezos delegation service
  • 10% dynamic fee
    • No minimum delegation amount
    • No minimum distribution amount
    • No transaction fees
  • Automated batched reward distribution every cycle
  • Secure baking with Ledger Nano S
  • Backup power and regional cloud nodes

If you smell a delicious, crispy smell after the race, it’s not your tailpipe. It’s just a little of shake… and bake!

  • Find out your expected rewards ~6-9 days after delegating
  • First rewards distributed ~36-39 days after delegating
  • See rewards on our baker’s reward page or your own
  • Track your rewards with help from a 3rd party

Check it, it was a nacho fountain with six kinds of cheese on it.

  • We can support up to 1,000,000 XTZ in delegations
  • Please contact us if you’d like to delegate a larger amount

You’re lying! I’m on fire!

  • Our current reward distribution account
  • Our old reward distribution account 
  • We baked on the alpha and zeronets prior to launch
  • We registered cycle 1 to start baking on the mainnet cycle 8
  • Now we’re shaking ‘n baking since cycle 36

How do I delegate?

  • Check out Tezos Foundation grantee Cryptium Labs’ wallet delegation guides
  • Using your preferred wallet:
    • If needed, create a KT1 account and transfer XTZ to it
    • Set the delegate (baker) of your KT1 account to Shake ‘n Bake at tz1V4qCyvPKZ5UeqdH14HN42rxvNPQfc9UZg
  • You always remain in sole control of your XTZ
    • Move any amount of your XTZ at any time
    • Change or remove the delegate (baker) of your KT1 account at any time

1st Voting Period

  • Understand the process by video or text here
  • See the current status at TzScan
  • Read about current and future proposals at Nomadic Labs
  • See baker participation and voting records at Kukai
  • Proposal period (DONE):
    • Athens A: Reduce roll size to 8k + increase gas limits
    • Athens B: Increase gas limits
    • Shake ‘n Bake upvoted both proposals
  • Exploration period (DONE):
    • Athens A was chosen during the proposal period
    • Shake ‘n Bake voted yay for Athens A
  • Testing period (DONE)
  • Promotion period (PASSED)
  • Ask us questions or let us know your thoughts on Telegram, Reddit or by email


Don’t call it centralized

Tezos Foundation

Tezos Commons Foundation

Toqueville Group

Nomadic Labs

Tezos Japan Foundation

Tezos Korea Foundation

Tezos Southeast Asia Association


Ready set bake
MyTezosBaker (baker list)

BakEndorse (baker stats)

Baking Bad (rewards tracking)

Hold on to your wallet
How to delegate with the below wallets

TezBox (hw wallet support)

Galleon (hw wallet support)

Kukai (offline support)

Magnum (hw wallet support)

Cortez (Android)

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